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Oprah's favorite 'silky' body butter of 2023 is just $30 for Yahoo readers with our exclusive code

There's a sad corner in my bathroom cabinet that's cluttered with lotions that are too light, unused body butters that smell sickly-sweet and body oils that are too dang messy. Products that don't cut it but that I've felt too guilty to toss out. But when I read Oprah Winfrey gushing about the new Fount Society Body Butter in her Favorite Things 2023 list and a rep offered to send over a sample, I made a vow: "Corner: I'm going to try another moisturizer, and if this is good, I will clear you out. Promise!" Well, it is and I will! But first, let me tell you a bit about the product.

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This new fragrance-free body butter (one of Oprah's Favorite Things 2023) is described by Winfrey as "a light veil of cashmere for your skin," and I agree. The secret? The combo of lightweight, nourishing squalane and luscious shea butter.

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As I read Oprah's words — “Do you find some body butters heavy or cloying?" — I found myself nodding and yepping aloud. She continued, "This silky, fragrance-free version is like a light veil of cashmere on your skin — and works really well on hands, elbows and feet.” I wanted my skin to feel that way!

Oprah and Fount Society Body Butter
Oprah's Favorite Things 2023 list is live, and her Fount Society Body Butter rec is spot on. Yahoo readers can try it for $30! (Getty; Cozy Earth)

The maker of the creamy concoction, the new Fount Society, is the sister company of Cozy Earth — an Oprah Favorite for the past five years that specializes in loungewear and bedding that feel heavenly — so I had a hunch this would rule.

When the parcel arrived in elegant, minimal recyclable packaging, I opened the 10oz tub and applied the body butter to my hands and elbows. My parched skin happily lapped up the light, moisture-boosting squalane, soothing shea butter and other natural ingredients.

The next morning I smoothed it on post-shower from my neck to my toes, and y'all, my skin really did feel like velvet — or silk, cashmere or all of the above. The non-greasy, junk-free formula left my body feeling just as clean as it did pre-application but worlds smoother. I threw on a robe and ran through the house bugging my husband and kid to "feel my shin!" They were annoyed but impressed. My husband was particularly grateful that it was unscented, as he is fragrance-averse and tired of having his nostrils assaulted every time I bring in a new product. This stuff is a keeper.

Fount Society Body Butter and packaging. Opening Fount Society Body Butter upon arrival.
The nourishing Fount Society Body Butter was so excited to get to work on my dry skin, it was practically jumping out of the jar. (Libby Sentz)

Granted, when my almost 10-year-old tried it on her own skin she ho-hummed, "Yep, feels like lotion," but that's because her skin is flawless and doesn't need any help. Mine, however, becomes dryer and duller by the second as we move into cold season. This stuff instantly flipped the script without any of that icky thickness that typically clogs my pores.

I'm one to guard my child when it comes to new products, but I was completely comfortable with this because of the clean, safe, plant-derived, vegan ingredients and the brand's philosophy, ethical practices and commitment to sustainability: These are a few of my favorite things! My family will surely be shopping this eco-friendly small business's product line as it continues to grow.

This isn't your everyday drugstore-brand body butter, this is the good stuff. The tub is substantial and a little really does go a long way, so it's well worth the full price. But with this 35%-off discount code, it's an absolute steal.

I'll be gifting a couple of jars of this goodness to loved ones this holiday ... and regifting that cornerful of this-and-that to my local Freecycle group. Once again, thanks for the heads-up, Oprah!

Light, non-greasy and free from harmful toxins, this feel-good formula is nourishing for all types, even oily skin.

Save $16 with code
$30 at Cozy Earth