Optical illusion baffles the internet

Allison Yee

If you wear glasses and feel like you’ve always been at a disadvantage, this optical illusion is one time where your short sightedness is actually an advantage.

In an optical illusion that has been shared to online forum Reddit, a LEGO image has left the internet stumped.

User theJoyofMotion posted the image, with the hint: “The more you squint, the clearer it becomes.”

Can you see what's hidden in this LEGO image? Photo: Reddit

For those who struggle to squint, one commenters tip to take off your glasses – if you wear them – will ironically make everything crystal clear.

The illusion has sparked hundreds of comments on Reddit, and if you know your art it might be a bit more obvious for you.

“You know you are an art teacher when you don't even squint and immediately know what it is,” one user wrote.

Ready for the answer?

Art buffs will recognise American Gothic. Photo: Getty

The image is actually the famous painting American Gothic by Grant Wood.

Cue the ‘ohhhhhh’ moment…

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