OSINT analysts identify war criminal who abused Ukrainian prisoners of war

Alexei Kiprin
Alexei Kiprin

War criminal who abused Ukrainian prisoners of war identified by Bdzholy (Bees) and evocation.info OSINT analysts team, it is Russian Lieutenant Alexei Kiprin, journalist Andriy Tsaplienko reported on Telegram on June 3.

Kiprin, call sign Bars, is a former comrade of neo-Nazi Alexei Milchakov, commander of Sabotage Assault Reconnaissance Group (DShRG) "Rusich" unit.

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He had been fighting as a sanitary instructor in Rusich against Ukraine since 2014, after the start of the full-scale invasion joined regular troops of Russian armed forces.

He was promoted to the rank of officer and served as an assault company commander. He was awarded the Order of Courage and the St. George's Cross, IV class.

Kiprin's family has two young sons and lives in Krasnoe Selo near St. Petersburg.

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Abuse of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Kharkiv Oblast

On June 2, a video showing Russian abuse of Ukrainian prisoners of war was posted online. The video was filmed in Kharkiv sector.

The occupiers demand that Ukrainian prisoners sing the Soviet national anthem, then beat the prisoners and order the fallen Ukrainian soldier to get up.

The occupiers threaten to kill the blindfolded prisoner and shoot a machine gun near him.

Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets also reacted to the video.

"The video recorded beatings, humiliation, threats, imitation of shooting," the ombudsman said.

"Unfortunately, such treatment of Ukrainian POWs is not an exception to the rules, but a common tactic for the occupiers."

"This case should be recorded as more proof of Russia's violation of international humanitarian law!", he said.

"I sent official letters to the ICRC and the UN to document the abuse. This will be more evidence for the future criminal tribunal."

Russia does not follow any rules of warfare and is absolutely not ashamed to demonstrate its cruel and inhumane actions, he said.

Lubinets called on the world to react to bring Russia to justice so that the right of force does not triumph over the force of law.

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