Outbreak Analysis and Predictive Modeling is Driving Breakthroughs in Spatial Epidemiology

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Quantzig, a premier data analytics and advisory firm, proudly announces the launch of an advanced portfolio of outbreak analysis and predictive analytics solutions that help model disease data and predict disease progression patterns in real-time.

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How Outbreak Analysis and Predictive Modeling Can Contribute to the Field of Epidemiology (Graphic: Business Wire)

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From integrating and analyzing information on potentially infectious pathogens to tracking real-time disease progression patterns, big data and predictive modeling solutions are getting us closer to a world with fewer surprise pandemics. The use of advanced analytical predictive models that extrapolate disease data can help epidemiologists to gauge the outbreak pattern. This, in turn, can help them contain the disease outbreak to a great extent. However, the staggering volumes of patient and disease data make it a huge challenge for researchers and scientists to extract meaningful insights. Factors such as these are prompting them to leverage outbreak analysis-driven insights to transform operations and create new predictive models that help predict and forecast disease progression patterns. Backed with powerful predictive analytics tools and over a decade of experience in working with healthcare industry clients, we help researchers and epidemiologists unearth valuable insights to act upon.

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, impacting millions of lives globally, researchers and healthcare experts are looking at analyzing ways to contain the diseases. Request a FREE proposal to explore how data can be used to analyze disease outbreak patterns and contain outbreaks.

How Quantzig’s Outbreak Analysis and Predictive Modeling Solutions Can Help

• Advanced data-collection methodologies help collect and integrate data from disparate sources

• Advanced predictive models help forecast disease outbreaks and contain them before it turns into a pandemic

• Use of predictive modeling empowers epidemiologists with granular insights

According to Quantzig’s predictive analytics experts, "The detailed analysis of disease outbreaks relies on the interpretation of increasingly complex and diverse data sets, which can offer new prospects for gaining insights into disease transmission processes if analyzed accurately."

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Why outbreak analysis is crucial

  • Simulate outbreak datasets on advanced data dashboards
  • Improve drug discovery and development processes
  • Forecast disease outbreaks
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