Outrage after gran invoices her daughter for babysitting

Allison Yee

For those mums lucky to have family close enough to help out with babysitting duties, it’s a godsend most don’t take for granted.

But what happens when your family decides to charge you for those services?

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The internet has been left divided after one unidentified woman took to an online agony aunt with her parenting dilemma.

The woman reveals she sent her daughter to stay with her grandma, and gave gran a $300 cheque to cover the expenses.

After the visit was over, the woman was shocked to receive an additional itemised bill for $475.50, which included costs for petrol for the airport pick up, and activities such as museum entry fees

“This is hurtful, as this past winter my mother came to live with us for four months and we paid for everything, including a nice vacation to an island over Christmas,” wrote the woman.

Would you be offended by your mum charging you to take care of her grandkids? Photo: Getty

Going on to explain that her siblings have a fractured relationship with her mum due to her “petty” behaviour, the woman says she's never asked her single, retired mum to pay for anything – and even gives her money for groceries.

Most commenters were outraged on the woman’s behalf.

“DO NOT pay her invoice. You gave her a generous budget of $300, not an open chequebook,” wrote one. “And if you let your daughter visit again, please don't pay your mum anything - it's really not normal unless she lives in dire poverty. Stop enabling her pettiness with money.”

Critics have hit out, saying the woman shouldn't pay her mum's bill. Photo: Getty

“Obviously this grandma is more interested in money than feelings,” commented another. “Tell grandma that you understand she prefers to operate their relationship on a financial basis, and you're OK with that. Tell her that next time she visits she will be charged for her food, transportation... basically anything she uses.”

However some have suggested it’s best to try and work through the situation.

“Rather than escalate this into something unpleasant, [you] could next time ask [your] mother: "I think $300 should cover expenses, can we agree to keep it to that amount?" suggested another commenter.

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