Outrage as mum is told her to 'control her child' in fancy restaurant

Sarah Carty

An outraged mum has shared the moment she was told to control her child in a fancy restaurant.

The woman, who goes only by the name Nikna on Mumsnet, took to the website to vent about the incident.

She said that while the “idea fills her with dread” her other half decided to book lunch at a nice restaurant for her birthday.

They took their three-year-old along and he was happily sitting at the table playing with his cars.

A mum was told to 'control' her child in a fancy restaurant. Photo: Getty Images

However when he was “being encouraged” to put down the toys and eat his meal, things got a little bit heated.

The mum admits that her son “did shout too loudly ‘it’s too hot’,” but she couldn’t have imagined the scene that was to come.

“Next thing I knew there was a man storming passed the table telling me ‘I should learn how to control my child’ as he walked out,” she explained.

“It wasn't as if he was running around the restaurant like a maniac. Of course, should not let said, rude, miserable man upset me.... but here I am still stewing on it.”

People flocked to the mother’s defense, claiming the family were “unfortunate” to be sitting beside such an “unpleasant” person.

“Don't let him spoil your birthday, he was clearly being unreasonable,” one person said.

“Children need to experience these scenarios for them to learn how to behave. the man is rude and intolerant of others,” another commenter said.

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