Owen Wilson too nervous for Saturday Night Live

Owen Wilson is "too nervous" to host 'Saturday Night Live'.

The 51-year-old actor has appeared on the show once, in 2016 as his 'Zoolander' character Hansel alongside Ben Stiller on 'Weekend Update', but has drawn the line at taking on the prestigious guest anchoring slot because the idea makes him "panic".

Speaking on Kevin Nealon's YouTube series 'Hiking with Kevin', he confessed: "I get really nervous with public speaking. I've never done any of those commencement addresses or 'Saturday Night Live' just because I get too nervous."

And Owen also gets nervous ahead of red carpet events.

He added: "I feel like it always gives me a bit of panic of, oh, are you going to have the right tie? Where is the cumberbund and cuff links? It just seems a little nerve-wracking."

Owen moved to Hollywood with his brother, Luke Wilson, and old friend Wes Anderson, where they launched their careers with 'Bottle Rocket' and he credits attending military school for him becoming an actor.

He explained: "It was my roommate at military school who was good friends with Wes Anderson, and that's how I ended up meeting Wes. So we would've never gotten into the entertainment industry."

The 'Wonder' actor went to the military facility after being expelled from school and found it very restrictive.

He said: "I got kicked out of school for cheating... I had to ask permission to eat. Before every breakfast and every dinner for that first year as a new cadet, as a rat it was, 'Excuse me sir, could cadet recruit Wilson OC requests permission to use his hands, utensils, in the preparation, transportation, and consumption of his food and drink?' "