Oww! Blac Chyna shocks fans by posting video of her agonising SIXTH facial filler dissolving op

Blac Chyna has shocked fans by posting a video of her undergoing a painful sixth procedure to dissolve her facial fillers.
The 35-year-old born again Christian – who wants to go back to using her birth name of Angela White – has credited turning to God and being re-baptised with putting her on her dramatic “make-under” journey this year, and has now had another operation after her fillers “migrated” down her face.
Former OnlyFans model Blac documented herself getting another round of Hylenex injections at Allure Laser in Los Angeles in a series of videos posted to her Instagram that she captioned: “So I’m back again. I’m about to get this dissolved.
“I don’t know if you guys can see this, but they had kinda migrated down so all of this is about to get dissolved. I’m super excited about it.”
The clips showed Blac wincing repeatedly as she got a string of injections in her cheek and along her jawline.
In March, the former ‘Rob and Chyna’ reality TV star announced she was undergoing a “life-changing journey” by undergoing surgery to remove her breast and butt injections as well as her face fillers.
She recently posted an update on the results so far by sharing a photo of herself on Instagram dressed completely in white.
Blac also recently celebrated finishing her doctorate at a Bible College.
She finished the programme at the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College on 17 January, and later announced to fans she was now “Doctor Angela Renee White”.
She displayed the certificate from her course on Instagram in front of a picture of her six-year-old daughter Dream Renée Kardashian, who she had with ex Rob Kardashian, 36, and 10-year-old son King Cairo Stevenson, who she had with rapper ex Tyga, 33.
Blac said: “On January 17, 2023 I got my Doctorate of Liberal Arts from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College. Doctor Angela Renee White.”
The home study doctorate is billed as concentrating on “developing expertise in the biblical rationale, which equips students to engage in research and sound biblical teaching”.
Stripper-turned model Blac, who rose to fame as Nicki Minaj’s stunt double in the music video for the rapper’s ‘Monster’ hit, has also said she started her make-under mission to get back to a “baseline” look.
She added she was left feeling like her facial fillers had left her looking like the serial killer character Jigsaw’s mask in the ‘Saw’ film franchise when she contoured her cheeks.
The entrepreneur has also said she is even going to stop using “long stiletto nails” as part of her new look.