Ozzy Osbourne: Cheating was 'part of the job'

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Ozzy Osbourne has claimed being unfaithful to his wife Sharon was an "occupational hazard".
The Black Sabbath rocker protested that he was "not a big cheater", much to his spouse's outrage, as she declared he had "f*****" all their friends, members of staff and the group's fans behind her back - but the 'Paranoid' singer hit back and insisted he was simply doing his job.
Sharon said: "You were a f****** great cheater. You ****.
"You f***** all our friends, all the f****** staff, then you came to me and f***** every groupie there was in the world."
Ozzy laughed and retorted: "Well that was part of the job. That was an occupational hazard."
Sharon, 67, admitted she never expected more from Ozzy - who she wed 38 years ago - than just a one-night stand when they first hooked up.
Speaking in upcoming documentary 'Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne', she said: "We were really kind of thrown together but it wasn't until August of 1980 that we actually had a relationship going.
"And I thought it's going to be the usual thing that had happened in my past that you know, you go with a bloke, you f*** him one night and the next day he doesn't know you. Like it was before."
Ozzy replied: "I cannot say that with you."
The 'Talk' star claimed drugs and alcohol sent Ozzy's sex drive wild in the 1970s and 80s.
She laughed: "If he would see a guy in a frock he would have have f***ed it - that is the way he is when he is drunk and loaded."
The 71-year-old rocker admitted he is ashamed of how he treated his first wife Thelma Riley, the mother of his two oldest children.
Ozzy - who also has three kids with Sharon - said: "I was on television, radio, people recognized me and chicks wanted to f*** me. It was wow.
"From being a grubby little s*** from Aston - this is the big time. We lived the life.
"I thought money would buy and fix everything. But money would buy the alcohol and the drugs and I would behave f****** badly.
"But what I did to Thelma was wrong. I treated her really badly and the kids. I was a just a selfish self centred p****.
"I f****d around from day one and that ain't cool. and my wife just had enough. I am no good at handling lots of love."

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