Ozzy Osbourne is planning to buy his next grandchild a microphone

Ozzy Osbourne is planning to buy his next grandchild a microphone.
The 73-year-old rocker is his ninth grandchild through daughter Kelly,37, and appeared to hint that he would like the little one to follow in his footsteps as he gushed about his "big and beautiful" daughter, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sid Wilson.
He told ETOnline: "Kelly is big and she's beautiful and I love it. The first thing that I’m gonna buy that kid is a microphone!"
Ozzy was previously married to Thelma Riley and has Maia and Elijah through their son Louis as well as Isabelle, Kitty and Harry through their daughter Jessica but has been married to former manager Sharon, 69, since 1982 and has grandchildren Andy, Minnie and Pearl through their son Jack.
Meanwhile, the 'Heaven and Hell' hitmaker - who also has 38-year-old Aimee, who goes by the stage name of Aro, and Kelly with Sharon - was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease back in 2019 and recently underwent a medical procedure but assured fans that he was "doing great" and loved being able to see people again.
He added: "It's great, it's great. I like to see people, you know. That's been the hardest thing of the past three years because I've been trying to recover from my surgery. I'm getting there. It's a slow climb back, you know?"
Back in June, Sharon explained that her husband was due to undergo "very major operation" and that she had to temporarily leave her presenting role on the UK show 'The Talk' to return to their L.A home to be with him as he recovered.
She said: "He has a very major operation on Monday, and I have to be there. It's really going to determine the rest of his life!"