Pa. Mom Wins Local Election Days After Her OnlyFans Content Was Maliciously Leaked: 'It's Empowering'

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Brittany Hilliard, a 29-year-old mother of two, ousted three incumbents in her township's primary election, telling PEOPLE she's "grateful" to the voters who overlooked repeated attacks against her

<p>Courtesy of Brittany Hilliard</p>

Courtesy of Brittany Hilliard

A Pennsylvania mother of two is one step closer to attaining a seat on her township's board of supervisors following a heated primary race that involved someone maliciously leaking suggestive photos of her from OnlyFans.

On Tuesday, voters took to the polls to whittle down the pool of candidates vying for seats on the Kiskiminetas Township Board of Supervisors, which oversees fewer than 5,000 residents in eastern Pennsylvania. Brittany Hilliard, a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom and caretaker to her grandmother, glided to victory in the unofficial election results, overcoming the late-campaign OnlyFans controversy aimed to distract from her platform.

"I am grateful the voters came out to vote for positive change and show me support, despite the negative publicity and many attempts to harm my campaign," Hilliard tells PEOPLE in a statement about the triumphant week she's had, which also saw the political newcomer oust three incumbents from the ballot.

"It’s empowering, as a female, to overcome some of the challenges I’ve faced," she continues. "I fought for transparency for nearly a year, and now I’m one step closer to being able to provide that transparency to the residents myself."

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Hilliard made headlines days before the primary election when packets were distributed to businesses throughout the community that leaked risqué photos of her pulled from her OnlyFans page and other social media accounts. The packets prompted a criminal investigation by local police, according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

On May 9, after word of the photos had spread, Hilliard addressed them head-on, stating in a press release: "In my effort to be transparent, which I have based my campaign for the position of Kiski Township Supervisor, I do not deny the photos are mine. The contents of the envelope are irrelevant to my ability to serve as a Kiski Township Supervisor."

In an earlier statement provided to PEOPLE on Tuesday while residents were still heading to the polls, Hilliard said, "I understand some may not agree with decisions I’ve made in the past regarding my personal life, however, I remain hopeful that the voters in Kiski Twp. will disregard my personal life and continue to support my effort to stop the corruption in the township. I can assure the voters that the township and corruption within has my FULL attention. I will not back down to the continued harassment and intimidation tactics."

<p>Courtesy of Brittany Hilliard</p> The Hilliard family

Courtesy of Brittany Hilliard

The Hilliard family

Hilliard moved to Kiski Township in 2021 with no intention to get involved in local politics. But the next year, after five members of the Kiski Township Police Department resigned "due to the harassment and intimidation brought on by township supervisors," she says she began paying closer attention to what was happening in local government.

According to her campaign Facebook page, she started attending board meetings and learning more about the township politics, ultimately deciding that she wanted to run for a supervisor seat and help reshape the board herself.

With the results of Tuesday's election, in which Hilliard received the highest number of votes, she will now advance to the general election on solid footing.

"I look forward to the November election and positive change in the future," she tells PEOPLE.

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