Paint poured down town's drains to be 'monitored'

Paint on a drain in Bedford
Blue paint was seen on a drain in Rosamund Road, Bedford [BBC]

An area of a town is to be monitored after paint was tipped down a number of street storm drains.

Bedford Borough Council said it had inspected several in the Castle Road area of the town after the colourful paint was spotted by a number of residents.

It said that it was also reviewing CCTV footage.

Sam Price, who lives in Bedford, said she saw first noticed the paint on George Street "on every storm drain up one side of the street".

paint on a drain on George Street, Bedford
Paint was also seen on a drain on George Street in Bedford [BBC]

"It’s really concerning if people are pouring paint down the drains - it’s damaging for the sewerage system and more importantly for the planet", she added.

A Bedford Borough Council spokesman said drains had been inspected and it was not enough to cause "any environmental concerns at this time" as only "small quantities" had been tipped away.

"We believe it has been done by a member of the public, we are reviewing any available CCTV footage and will continue to monitor the area," he added.

Paint on a drain in Bedford
White paint was also found in Denmark Street, Bedford [BBC]

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