Paris Hilton went to the White House to lobby against 'the disturbing lack of government oversight of youth residential care facilities'

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Paris Hilton visited the White House to continue to lobby against for “the disturbing lack of government oversight of youth residential care facilities”.
The 41-year-old socialite - who made herself a household name as a party girl in the early 00s - has been lobbying politician’s across the nation’s capital to pass the legislation that would regulate residential programmes for troubled youth, like ones attended by Paris herself.
A representative for the heiress told CNN that the former ‘The Simple Life’ star visited US President Joe Biden’s pad to speak to “state and national advocates as part of her advocacy efforts to improve protections of youth in residential programmes and facilities.”
Paris - who claimed being victim to “torture” as a teenager at the Provo Canyon School in Utah during testimony to the Senate in October last year- longs that her work "can better protect children and teens seeking help.”
The ‘Stars Are Blind’ hitmaker shared how “thankful” she was to talk to “survivors” and legislators such as Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Tim Scott and Senator Bob Casey about the issue on Instagram.
On a video of her husband Carter Reum walking up the Capitol and the White House steps, Paris wrote: "I am so thankful for all the important conversations we are having with representatives and survivors! Looking forward to all the awareness that we will bring to the cause today!"
In another post, a photograph of Paris standing in a booth emblazoned with “Prevent the abuse, neglect and death of institutionalised youth in America,” she appealed to how the message was “so important” to her.
She wrote” “It was so important to bring this booth to Capitol Hill so policy makers can experience and empathise with the community. We must pass the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act! It is my hope that members on both sides will hear us and take action.”

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