Paris Olympics medals to include metal from Eiffel Tower

The medals for the 2024 Paris summer Olympic and Paralympic Games will include a piece of iron from the original Eiffel Tower.

The 5,084 gold, silver and bronze medals for the Olympic and Paralympic games will have a hexagon-shaped piece of iron from the original Eiffel tower set in the middle, like a gemstone.

"We wanted to offer to all medal winners at the Paris Olympics and Paralympics a piece of the Eiffel Tower from 1889," said Tony Estanguet, the head of the local organising committee, unveiling the design on Thursday.

Designed by the elite French jewellery house Chaumet, the medals will combine “the most precious metals from the medals – gold, silver and bronze – with the most precious metal in our country, from this treasure that is the Eiffel Tower," Estanguet explained.

The iron pieces come from maintenance over the years, as some of the original structure was replaced during renovations.

The medals will be manufactured by the French national mint, using recycled gold, silver and bronze.

The medals' ridged edges are intended to catch the light and evoke the sun's rays. The iron hexagon, which evokes the shape of mainland France, is held in place with spurs that look like the rivets on the Eiffel Tower.

Since 2004, the back of all medals show the Greek goddess Nike flying into the historic Panathinaikos stadium in Athens, the site of the original Olympic Games of antiquity.

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