Parliament rejects mobilization deferment for high earners

Verkhovna Rada
Verkhovna Rada

While reviewing amendments to the government’s mobilization reform bill, Ukraine’s parliamentary Defense Committee has struck down the provision that would grant deferment from mobilization to high-earning military-age male citizens, Ukrainian MP Ihor Kopytin said on March 27.

In a comment to, Kopytin said that there were specific proposals aimed at exempting individuals with certain income levels and tax contributions from mobilization. However, these provisions were rejected by the committee almost immediately, according to him.

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“The draft law intends to establish fair mobilization criteria,” said Kopytin.

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“The actual effect of these amendments would have essentially created a 'war for the poor,' which is unacceptable.”

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On Jan. 30, the government submitted therevised mobilization bill to parliament. It proposed lowering the draft age to 25 years, setting the demobilization term to 36 months, introducing voluntary mobilization for convicts, and establishing an electronic notification system for issuing draft notices.

On Feb. 7, the parliament supported the bill in first reading.

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