Patton Oswalt Found A Note His Late Wife Wrote About Donald Trump In 2004

Patton Oswalt's wife, crime writer Michelle McNamara, died in 2016, months before the presidential election.

Michelle McNamara, the true crime writer andlate wifeof comedianPatton Oswalt, had already decided what type of person Donald Trump was 13 years before he became president.

Oswalt, while preparing to move out of his house, uncovered a note that his wife typed in 2004, the comedian tweeted on Friday. On the printed note were musings resembling a poem. It was titled “Lies The Movies Told Me.”

“Rich tycoons are Bullshit,” McNamara wrote. “Even after spending an afternoon with Robin Williams, Donald Trump is still and will always be an asshole.”

“People who talk to themselves in voice over are deeper and more sensitive,” she added.

McNamara, who died in April 2016, supported Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential campaign, oftenretweeting messages that praised of the former Secretary of State and ones that were critical of Trump.

When McNamara died, Oswalt was devastated. 

The comedian often discussed his grief in interviews and on Twitter. He dedicated his 2016 special “Talking for Clapping” to her. Then, in his newest Netflix special “Annihilation,” Oswalt discussed both the pain of loss and the pain of a Trump presidency. 

The latter,the comedian said, awakened him from a grief-related “hyper-deadness.” 

“Sometimes I’m worried I am like a water glass that’s been sitting in a freezer and now you’re taking it out and you’re pouring hot water into it,” Oswalttold HuffPost in a recent interviewabout his new special. 

“One extreme to the other like that ― it’s very unnerving.”

Considering McNamara’s unearthed thoughts on Trump, it’s likely she would’ve been proud that his disgust for Trump has helped distract him from his grief.

And now that her note is on the internet for all to see, many of Oswalt’s followers are applauding McNamara’s description of Trump.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.