Paul Mescal’s mum urges her followers to ‘be a painter of stars’ as she battles cancer

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Paul Mescal’s mum has urged her followers to “be a painter of stars” as she battles cancer.
The ‘Normal People’ actor, 27, spoke about his mother Dearbhla Mescal’s illness earlier this year after his sister Nell publicly addressed her illness, which has led their mum to update fans about her condition on social media.
Dearbhla said in her latest Instagram post in a video in which she displayed her shaved head: “MRI is done, so going to have a nice Sunday… you too.”
She followed it with a video of her watching Netflix in bed and a short self-help video about how people should guide others through hardship, which she captioned: “Be a painter of stars.”
Dearbhla, a member of the Irish police, is fighting multiple myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer that affects several areas of the body including the spine, skull and pelvis.
She also recently revealed on Instagram her bloods have shown “really good numbers” and said she was “very, very happy about that part”.
Last week she shared a long post about her “random thoughts” as she fights the disease.
She added: “Random thoughts… Life is kinda like a dryer filled with clothes if you imagine the clothes as your life all your thoughts, actions, deeds mixing, turning one way and another, in perfect rhythm.
“You get used to its white sound and then the disrupter… a coin, a belt buckle hits the drum unrhythmical and causes things to go off balance… like cancer being thrust into your life.
“You have to find a new way to accept the discord. When the disrupter sent its alarm each of our children were away one filming, one beginning a brand new job, in a brand new country and one trying to establish her feet in the career of her dreams.
“There was or is never a good time for this news but in it went to each of our dryers… clinking at the drum disrupting our personal journeys with its constant unease.”
She signed off the post with: “Today? Well today I find joy in being able, that whatever energy I have today will move me towards tomorrow.”