Penn. Man Rejoined with Parents’ ‘Lost’ Wedding Rings Hidden in His Childhood Home: ‘I Was in Shock'

"I've wondered so many times about these rings. [The couple] were kind enough to realize they were of sentimental value [to someone]," Guadagno said.

A Pennsylvania man thought his parents’ wedding rings were “lost forever”— until he found out that the pieces of jewelry were hidden away all along.

Gary Guadagno told Fox 29 News Philadelphia that he had searched all around his childhood home in Berks County while cleaning out the home after his mother died in 2012 for the pair of rings, but had no luck finding them.

“I combed through everything and I just assumed they were lost forever,” Guadagno told the outlet.

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It wasn’t until he received a Facebook message from the new owners of the home, Josh Martin and Hannah Keusher, that he discovered that the rings had been in the house all along. “It was a Facebook messenger from a stranger and I read it, and I was in shock,” he said.

The homeowners told him in the message that they had found the missing rings tucked away behind a light fixture in the home’s kitchen.

The couple and their children then drove the rings to Guadagno’s home in Phoenixville, Penn. where he was finally able to reunite with the keepsakes, which had been with his parents since they wed in 1947.

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The pair showed off the rings — which appeared to have classic gold bands — to Fox 29 News Philadelphia. In particular, Guadagno’s mother’s ring featured a square-cut diamond with smaller diamonds around it.

"I've wondered so many times about these rings," Guadagno explained. "[Martin and Keusher] were kind enough to realize they were of sentimental value [to someone]."

The homeowners also decided to send him a video of where they found the rings behind the light fixture only to find some more hidden keepsakes from Guadagno’s parents that they missed the first time around — a bicentennial 1776-1976 coin set.

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"What’s that? There’s something else up here,” Martin could be heard saying in the video provided by Fox 29 as he spotted the blue box. He opened it on camera to show the four-coin collection.

Guadagno said he believed that the coin set also belonged to his father, who was an avid coin collector. He noted that his parents hid various items around the house including cash in the basement cinder blocks. He thought he had found all the things his parents hid, but admitted more discoveries might be lurking in the walls.

“There could be. Who knows?” Guadagno said.

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