People are divided over a wedding guest's risqué outfit

Holly Hales
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A woman's dressed caused commotion after a woman snapped a photo of her strapless dress which she was apparently wearing to a wedding. Photo: Facebook

A wedding guest’s choice of outfit has divided opinions as to whether or not it was appropriate for the occasion.

The commotion was caused after a woman snapped a photo of a strapless, fitted dress which she was apparently wearing to a wedding.

She matched the striped number with a pair of peep-toe heels and shared the look in a mirror selfie.

But the look was quick to cop criticism when shared publicly online, with some claiming it would have been better suited to a different type of event.

“Terribly inappropriate for a wedding... now for a nightclub, it’s perfect,” the original poster wrote.

“People who wear these [dresses] to weddings are upstaging and inappropriate.” quipped another person.

“Flats would have been more appropriate, and a cardigan and jacket.”

However, others were divided as to whether the woman had done anything wrong through her choice of outfit.

“They’re haters because she’s got a banging bod,” wrote one supportive user.

“I mean I don’t personally like the dress but I wouldn’t care if someone wore it to my wedding.”

But while the choice was a contentious one, it’s far from the first time a wedding guest has caused controversy with a fashion statement.

Earlier this month, another woman sparked a debate about whether or not her white frock was appropriate to wear to her friend’s nuptials.

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