People Are Getting Married At A Cheetos Chapel In Las Vegas

cheetos chapel
People Are Getting Married At A Cheetos Chapel@valerieinhoops/X and @yoshlis/ TikTok

With its Elvis impersonators and over-the-top antics, Vegas weddings can be on the cheesy side. And just when we thought they couldn't get any cheesier, Cheetos has rolled into Sin City, leaving a trail of Cheetle dust.

In honor of the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this weekend, Cheetos has constructed a themed wedding chapel right in the middle of the Strip, at New York-New York's Brooklyn Bridge.

The bright orange Cheetos Chapel is dotted with Chester Cheetah's signature spots (and a few hearts) and is part of Frito-Lay's massive Chip Strip activation. There's also a vintage, Flamin' Hot-themed limo in front of the chapel that's perfect for a post-wedding photo op.

For those looking to exchange vows, you'll have the privilege of doing so in front of a hologram of Chester Cheetah, who officiates the wedding. You'll also be able to snack on Cheetos-inspired cake ball truffles once you've said "I do."

And if you have second thoughts afterward, don't worry, the weddings aren't legally binding.

In one video uploaded to X (formerly Twitter), a couple decked out in Cheetos-inspired wedding attire can be seen at the altar chopping it up with Chester. "We're here to celebrate the mischievous matrimony," Chester says at the beginning of the ceremony.

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