People shouting 'England 'til I die' clash with police near Cenotaph

Clashes have broken out between police and groups attempting to reach the Cenotaph.

A large crowd of people bearing St George’s flags were seen walking along Embankment and shouting “England till I die” shortly after 10am on Saturday.

Clashes broke out as police attempted to stop them from reaching Whitehall but the group pushed through, with some shouting “let’s have them” as officers hit out with batons.

The Metropolitan Police said officers had faced “aggression” from counter-protesters ahead of the service at the Cenotaph.

The force said: “While the two minutes’ silence was marked respectfully and without incident on Whitehall, officers have faced aggression from counter-protesters who are in the area in significant numbers.

“The counter-protesters are not one cohesive group. There are different groups moving away from Whitehall towards other parts of central London. Officers are keeping track of them as they do.

“If their intention is to confront the main protest departing later today from Park Lane, we will use all the powers and tactics available to us to prevent that from happening.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters were arriving at Hyde Park near the designated starting point for the march on Saturday morning, which is due to set off at noon.

Many were carrying Palestinian flags while others clutch placards emblazoned with slogans such as “free Palestine”, “hands of al Aqsa”, “end Israeli apartheid” and “end the siege” and “baby killer Biden stop arming Israel”.

Organisers of the demonstration calling for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel anticipate more than 500,000 people will join.