This pet salon roams the streets of Tunisia's capital

STORY: Locator: Tunis, Tunisia

'Tito's Pet Grooming' is a mobile beauty

and care service salon for pets

and the passion project of Saif El-din Sayd

(Saif El-din Sayd, Founder, Tito's Pet Grooming)

"I am Sayd Saif El-din, the founder of Tito's Pet Grooming. I am 30 years old, I hold a master’s degree in financial engineering. I first worked in a bank for five years, then I decided to follow my passion for animals. I was raised around animals and I love them very much."

Their colorful van roams the streets of Tunis,

driving from one pet to another

"Tito’s Pet Grooming is a mobile beauty salon. It is like others, but the difference is that we go to the customers instead of (them) coming to us. We park in front of their house and everything happens inside the van.”

They offer bathing, nail trimming,

haircuts and health monitoring

In some eight months, Tito's Pet Grooming

has expanded to six team members

and they hope to, one day, reach all of Tunisia