Fans think Emily Ratajkowski just threw shade at Pete Davidson with "worst men" comments

pete davidson and emily ratajkowski relationship timeline
Did Em Rata just throw shade at Pete Davidson?Getty Images

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski quickly became the new celebrity couple we couldn't get enough of, following her divorce from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and his split from Kim Kardashian.

Let's take a look back at their relationship timeline, starting with the latest update, before going right back to the beginning (it all started with a Deux Moi tip off, of course.)

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson's latest relationship update

January 2023 - Emily Ratajkowski appears to throw shade at Pete Davidson with comments about how she seems to attract the "worst men". Oh dear!

Speaking on her High Low podcast, the model said: "That's what I hate with dating… men in particular. They're like, 'OK, yes, you're special. You've done it.' And they love it and love it, and then slowly they get emasculated and don't know what to do with those feelings, and then they resent you.

"They start to tear you down, and then you're back to square one. And it's so f**ked up and unfair, because I feel like a lot of men who truly think they want a strong woman actually don't know how to handle it and… what it means for their own identity."

She continued, "I said to my girlfriend, 'I feel like I attract the worst men. Sometimes I'm like, 'f**k.' Because I want a confident man. I don't want an overly confident man who has something to prove and is trying to prove it through me. That is not what I want."

Ouch. To be fair to Emily - and Pete - she didn't specify him in particular, so maybe she's just got a lot to get off her chest.

The rest of their relationship timeline

September 2021 - Emily and Pete appear together in the Moose Knuckles FW21 campaign alongside Adwoa Aboah, photographed by the iconic David LaChapelle.

November 2021 - Emily defends Pete's honour after it emerges he's dating Kim Kardashian, and people begin to ask "Why?"

Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, she explains he was "a professional" while shooting the Moose Knuckles campaign, before continuing, "First of all, you should know that about Pete. Pete — he’s got the height. Obviously women find him very attractive.

"I feel like only other men feel [that he isn't attractive]. Guys are like, 'Wow. What’s that guy got?' And I’m like, I mean, he seems super charming. He’s vulnerable. He’s lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good! [He has a] good relationship with his mom. We love it. It's hard to find them."

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14th November 2022 - Rumours emerge that the pair are seeing each other, after eye witnesses leak that they've seen them on a date. "Spotted", wrote Instagram gossip account Deux Moi followed by a screenshot from a follower: "Can't believe I'm saying this, anon pls. Em Rata and Pete Davidson on a date in Brooklyn together. Holding hands and ALLLLL."

In a second screenshot, a message said, "His hands were allll over her and they're clearly hooking up."

16th November 2022 - A source tells E! News that they've "gone on a few dates", and that "Pete texted Emily wanting to get together to catch up."

Emily then *likes* Dionne Warwick's hilarious tweet about the rumours, after the 81-year-old singer wrote "I will be dating Pete Davidson next" on her account.

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17th November 2022 - The rumours are basically confirmed when Pete and Em are photographed (in matching outfits, no less) hugging. Hello, new couple!

20th November 2022 - The internet begins to speculate about Pete's ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian's response to his new relationship, after noticing a number of moves from The Kardashian star.

For context, Kim and Pete broke up in August due to long distance, after nearly a year together. First, it looks like Kim was shading her ex with a TikTok to music by his ex, Ariana Grande. Then fans theorised Kim was trying to make Pete jealous with her Instagram post, smelling roses in a sequin two piece.

However, a source close to Kim told Entertainment Tonight: "Kim is not bothered by Pete and Emily's relationship and knows that things were over between her and Pete. She just wants everyone to live their best lives and be happy."

Cannot wait to see more of these two!

27th November 2022 - Surprise! The rumours are true, as Em Rata and Pete Davidson confirmed they were hanging out by sitting courtside at a basketball game, next to none other than Ben Stiller. Of course.

Photographed on 27th November, the pair attended a game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, looking kiiind of cosy as they drank their beers:

pete davidson and emily ratajkowski relationship timeline
Getty Images
pete davidson and emily ratajkowski relationship timeline
Getty Images

23rd December 2022 - Could Pete and Emily be no more? Argh, say it ain't so! Emily has sparked conversation by opening up about downloading dating apps, and she's reportedly been spotted kissing artist Jack Greer.

Speaking during a 'Dating Apps?' episode of her High Low podcast, the model shared her experience of joining a dating app for the first time.

She told listeners, "I was like, 'f**k it'. I was feeling defiant because so many people told me not to get it." Emily didn't share which app she joined, though she added that she has "gotten a few direct requests from women, which is exciting."

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The 31-year-old went on, "I feel like this app is a little bit white. It’s very white and feels like a very particular man and very particular type of woman, so I don’t think I’m gonna meet my lady crush on here."

Earlier this week, Emily was also pictured kissing artist Jack Greer in photos published by the Daily Mail, reportedly taken outside of her New York City apartment on Wednesday.

As for Emily and Pete, the pair haven't officially spoken out confirming a relationship between them. So here's hoping they're still a thing!

We have reached out to reps for comment.

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