Is Pete Evans having a baby with wife Nicola?

Emma Shepherd

My Kitchen Rules host Pete Evans is a chef, television host, husband and an advocate for Paleo living, now the 44-year-old may be adding father-of-three to his repertoire.

Nicola Robinson has admitted that she's preparing her body for "motherhood,” and trying to get pregnant according to Woman's Day.

The former Kiwi model had the operation to remove her breast implants in May 2017. Source: Instagram

The 39-year-old revealed earlier in May that she was keen to remove the toxic breast implants in order to be "all natural.”

The former Kiwi model shared a snap to her Instagram with the caption, "For the last six years I've felt an innate need to do everything to make sure that my body is an absolute temple,” she said.

The book involves getting your womb prepared through the use of teas, herbs and crystal essenses. Source:

"If by chance my husband & I hit the jackpot & a sweet little bub was to come through me/us,” she continued.

The couple is known for their Paleo lifestyle, strict fitness regime and carefree farm life.

Pete is already a father to two girls Indii, 12, and Chilli, 10, with his first wife, and Nicola seems to be preparing for their own child.

She posted a pic of a book called, The Sacred Womb Rituals which shows a woman holding her stomach.

The book written by Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand is about a magical journey that invites you to make your life unto a luscious Feminine Temple, according to website.

Paleo Pete and Nicola Robinson married early 2016. Source: Instagram

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In January this year it seemed Pete was on the same page when he revealed to TV Week that he was excited for what the future holds. And are open to having more children.

"I'm a very happy man to share my life with such a beautiful woman,” he went on to say, "I'm not sure what the future holds-we'll see what happens,” he told the outlet.

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