Peter Andre was 'arrogant'

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Peter Andre was “a little bit arrogant” in his pop hey day.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker admitted he should have listened more to other people instead of thinking he had all the answers but he believes he made his own mistakes so he could pass on wisdom to his own children.
He reflected: “Then, I used to think I was cool. I was a little bit arrogant. Some people will say I wasn’t, but I felt I was.
“Now, I would tell my younger self to listen a bit more instead of doing all the talking. It honestly would have been the best lesson for me. But it all goes in circles and now I’m teaching my children not to be like that, so maybe it was meant to happen.”
The 49-year-old star – who has children Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, with first wife Katie Price and Amelia, eight, and Theo, five, with spouse Emily – shuns a showbiz lifestyle for a quiet home life with his family these days.
Asked about the stars he used to hang out with, he told heat magazine: “The celebs you’d find me hanging out with were Coolio, Warren G, Montell Jordan. And I even got to spend an hour and a half with Jay-Z before he became a big star. He was actually a really nice guy.
“Now, the celebs I hang out with are pictures of celebs!
“I do have friends in the industry but I tend to be a family guy. When I’m not working, I’m at home.”

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