Peter Andre considering another child next year

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Peter Andre is considering having another child next year.
The 'Behind Closed Doors' hitmaker - who has Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, from his marriage to Katie Price and Amelia, seven, and five-year-old Theo with spouse Emily - previously insisted if his wife didn't get pregnant this year, he wouldn't want to have more kids but he's now extended the cut-off period because of the coronavirus pandemic.
He wrote in his column for new! magazine: "At the start of this year I said 2021 would be the last year I would consider having more children.
"However, as we spent a lot of time in lockdown, I think we need to put everything back 12 months!
"So now I’m saying if it’s going to happen, 2022 is the time.
"I’m 49 in February and I’ve always said my limit was until I turn 50, so who knows!"
Peter is pleased to have all four children with him this Christmas but he's amazed his teenagers haven't asked for any specific gifts.
He said: "It’s been such a magical time with the kids, especially the younger ones. We’re spending Christmas together this year.
"Unbelievably, Princess and Junior haven’t asked for anything!
"Junior tells me that now he’s 16 he’s over things like PlayStation, and he has everything he wants like his phone and moped. Princess is the same, so I’ve just got them little bits I know they’ll like."
But the 'Mysterious Girl' singer and his wife haven't yet planned their New Year's Eve celebrations, though Peter doesn't think that's a problem as he's just happy to be with his family.
He wrote: "When it comes to New Year, Emily and I are still in talks about what we’re going to do.
"It’s a bit in the Andre household, which is typical of us. But we’ll all be together and that’s the main thing."

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