Peyton Manning Disses Zach Wilson From Get-Go After He Subs For Aaron Rodgers

Peyton Manning skewered New York Jets backup quarterback Zach Wilson after he filled in for the injured Aaron Rodgers on “Monday Night Football.” (Watch the videos below.)

On ESPN’s “Manningcast” with brother Eli Manning, the Hall of Fame quarterback began the mockery by insisting he didn’t know Wilson was still on the Jets’ roster.

“Who is the backup, Richard Todd or Ken O’Brien?” Peyton asked, joking about Jets quarterbacks of yesteryear. “I didn’t think they had any other quarterback besides Aaron Rodgers,” the elder Manning continued.

He cranked up the sarcasm as Wilson showed the poor decision-making that made many regard him as a first-round draft bustand the reason for the Jets acquiring the four-time MVP Rodgers, who reportedly has a serious Achilles injury and may miss the rest of the season.

With about 9:30 left in the third quarter, Eli asked his brother how many more times the team would have Wilson throw against the Buffalo Bills. “Three more at the most,” Peyton snapped.

Then Wilson went back to pass and scrambled far in reverse to avoid a sack. “Let’s just go backward,” Peyton said facetiously. “Let’s just run backward. It looks like Kurt Russell in ...”

Peyton didn’t finish his reference, but it might have been Russell’s turn as a quarterback in 1986’s “The Best of Times” with Robin Williams.

On a brutal second-quarter turnover in which Wilson appeared to throw right at three defenders, Peyton blasted the QB for staring down the receiver in traffic. “They’re taking turns to see which one of them wanted the interception,” he said

The Jets beat the Bills on a wild punt return in overtime but Wilson’s 140-yard effort with a touchdown pass and interception doesn’t bode well.