Photo reveals Tsiklon ship's mast above water in occupied Sevastopol

The Tsiklon small missile ship
The Tsiklon small missile ship

The Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) has confirmed the sinking of the Tsiklon missile ship in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, Crimea, according to its May 22 update.

Investigators received a crucial photo showing a mast protruding from the water, which, after comparison with reference images of ships previously docked near the pier, was identified as belonging to the Tsiklon.

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Due to security concerns and the precarious situation for opposition activists in Crimea, the CIT refrained from publishing the photograph.

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Details regarding the extent of the damage to the Tsiklon or its potential for repair were not disclosed by the investigators.

Further insights from the OSINT community KiberBoroshno, which analyzed satellite imagery from May 21, revealed that neither the Tsiklon missile ship nor the Kovrovets minesweeper were present near the pier at that time. The imagery did show a Project 23370 rescue boat, typically used for underwater technical operations, near the pier and visible damage to a nearby building.

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Additionally, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's Project 266-M Kovrovets minesweeper on May 19. The Crimean Wind Telegram channel noted that the Tsiklon disappeared following a Ukrainian attack on the same day. Confirmation of the Tsiklon's destruction came from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on May 21.

Over two years into the full-scale war, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have successfully sunk or incapacitated a third of the ships belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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