Photos Show 'Biblical' Flooding In Greece Following Severe Storm

Flash flooding hit the outskirts of Greece’s capital on Wednesday after a night of severe rainfall. At least 14 people died,according to media reports, and the water left roadways clogged with mud and debris.

The floods largely affected the towns of Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara, on the western outskirts of Athens. Schools in those suburbs were closed after local authorities declared a state of emergency and urged citizens not to travel to the affected areas.

“This is a biblical disaster,” Yianna Krikouki, the mayor of Mandra,told state broadcaster ERT. “Everything is gone.”

Greece’s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, posted on Twitter, saying he was “deeply saddened” by the deaths and damage resulting from “the catastrophic storm,”according to a translation by Al Jazeera.

The flooding damaged homes and businesses and destroyed an entire section of the highway that connects Athens and Corinth. The local fire department responded to dozens of reports of people trapped in vehicles and homes,The Associated Press reported.

“What we are seeing is unprecedented,” local official Ioannis Vasillioutold The Guardian.

The region is expected tosee more storms in the coming days.

A toy car is seen in a flooded street next to a damaged house in the town of Mandra.
A man tries to get into a car stuck in floodwater in the town of Mandra.
A picture shows damage and floodwaters in the town of Mandra.
A woman with an umbrella stands in a flooded street next to a damaged shop.
A man tries to remove floodwater from the area after torrential rains.
A local, carrying a dog in his jacket, holds a cat he saved from a tree, following a heavy rainfall in the town of Mandra.
Locals walk next to destroyed cars following heavy rainfall.
Floods and mudslides have turned roads into fast-flowing rivers after torrential rains struck Mandra.

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