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This Lightweight Mousse Completely Revived My Curly Hair

Let's play a game: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'mousse'? You might think crunchy, stiff, heavy, or drying, especially if you have curly hair. But, wow, big facts-you don't actually need to deal with formulas that leave your curls looking like a hotter mess than King's Landing (too soon?), because today's formulas are actually pretty killer.

Trust me, if you have curly hair, mousse should be your new holy grail product. It defines, smooths, volumizes, hydrates, all while looking like you have absolutely nothing in your hair at all. But where to find the perfect mousse for your specific curl type? Look no further, because I handpicked the 10 best mousse formulas, below, that won't leave your curls feeling stiff or droopy.

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