Your pictures on the theme of 'circles'

We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of "circles". Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

Frog in a puddle
Molly Mae Bergum: "A frog peaks out its head from under the surface of a springtime puddle."
Cup of coffee
Claire Louot: "Why think complicated when you can have it simple?"
Figure seen through a round window at Seville bus station
Tony Cullen: "I took this in the underground part of Seville bus station[, Spain]. All of the stairways have portholes and act as a natural frame."
Seagulls on a round sculpture
Thomas Burke: "Seagulls get a prime seat and view atop public art in Ermoupolis port, Syros, Greece."
Light circles made with fireworks
Mark Roughley: "I was learning how to take photographs of fireworks in prep for bonfire night, using the manual setting 'bulb with f/8 aperture'."
An egg in a frying pan
Phil Sinclair: "Not sure why this double-yolked egg amuses so much but it seems to make everyone smile."
Flowers in a table decoration
Jane Cropp: "Table decoration."
View inside a lime kiln
Nicola Wallace-Blaker: "Whilst visiting Lindisfarne, [Northumberland,] we went to the Holy Island lime kilns, built in the 1860s, and I was small enough to go through the 'eye', through which the burnt lime was drawn, and looked up to the sky."
Coloured pins
David Granshaw: "Dressmakers' pins with coloured threads, placed outside the depth of focus to give a colourful backdrop."
Fungi on a tree stump
Marius van Tetterode: "In the forest near Duesseldorf, Germany, I saw this 'circle'."
A Porsche car reflected in a mirror
Duncan Brookes: "A Porsche 911 caught in the mirror of a Morgan car at Bicester Heritage Scramble event [Oxfordshire]".
Water lilies
Diana Turner: "Perfect circles of giant water lilies snapped during a visit to Kew Gardens [Richmond]."
Sandra Prytherch took this picture at the Loon Mountain Gondola Summit, Lincoln, New Hampshire, USA.
Ken Hirons: "Emerging tree ferns' fronds as circles."
An amphitheatre in Redruth
Lester Cunningham: "Gwennap Pit, in Redruth [Cornwall] - rumoured to be the site of a sunken mine or thought to be a natural formation, the layered concentric circles were used as a natural amphitheatre."
Acorns in a dish
Sarah Swanson: "Fresh acorns."

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