Pierce Brosnan gave Colin Farrell 'bear hug' and told him to 'keep being bold'

Pierce Brosnan gave Colin Farrell a "bear hug" and told him to "keep being bold" before his first big movie.
The Irish actor landed his first major US role in the 2000 war film 'Tigerland', and his fellow Irishman and former James Bond actor Pierce, 69, shared a sweet piece of advice with the 'Banshees of Inisherin' star.
Speaking in a roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter, Colin, 46, recalled: "Before I did my first American film, Pierce Brosnan got me in a bear hug, picked me up and said, 'Keep being bold.' I don’t know that he knew that I was bold, but it was a lovely thing to hear."
The 'Batman' star has enjoyed a decades-long career in Hollywood, and recently admitted that although he has taken some jobs purely for financial gain, at the heart of his career is the desire to "entertain."
He said: "You just wanna do good stuff. Sometimes you’re going to work for entertainment and the money might be a bit better. Sometimes you’re going to work to satisfy your own curiosity. Whatever the reason, you have an understanding. Whatever the gig is, if it’s made purely for entertainment purposes, or for some greater intellectual or social provocation, you just wanna make something where people don’t waste an hour and a half, or two hours, of their lives, as simple as that sounds. If you do that, and if you live as authentically as you can in your life and in your art, then the legacy thing will take care of itself."