Pink on life-changing relationship with Carey Hart

Pink says her relationship with Carey Hart has changed her life.

The 'So What' singer - who has daughter Willow, eight, and son Jameson, two, with her husband - admitted she and her man "fight for each other", and she opened up on the impact their romance has had as she's been "figuring out" who she really is.

Speaking to Extra, she said: "Isn't marriage fun? Yeah, we fight for each other... There's been so many [life-changing moments], I don't even know.

"I think it was probably Carey and I's ride this whole time. Just becoming a woman. Going from a kid, a derelict to becoming a woman and figuring out who I am and finding my village."

The 40-year-old star also opened up on Willow, and she hopes her daughter will always keep her "sense of humour" as she chases her dreams.

She added: "I would like my daughter to never lose her sense of humour and her wildness because she is a wild bird and she can do anything she wants to do in this world and she just has to, wherever she goes, go with all her heart."

Her comments come after Pink explained she's honest about her home life and thinks it's important to share her feelings with her fans because she can encourage others who are struggling as they can see she copes with bad times as well as good.

She recently said: "It's easy for me, I'm an open book. I think anytime that you can be human and flawed in front of others, kind of helps other people to feel less alone.

"We're all just trying to put one foot in front of the other...being a mom is my favourite title, it's challenging, it's rewarding, it's confusing, it's beautiful, it's stressful."