Pink sticks a middle finger up on powerful protest single Irrelevant

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Pink is donating proceeds from her powerful new protest anthem 'Irrelevant' to Michelle Obama's When We All Vote organisation.
The 'Who Knew' hitmaker - who sticks her middle finger up in defiance on the track's bold cover art - calls on everyone to not let their voices be silenced on the fiery new single out now.
Speaking of the track, a "heated" reaction to the current political climate in the US, she said: “As a woman with an opinion and the fearlessness to voice that opinion, it gets very tiring when the only retort is to tell me how irrelevant I am. I am relevant because I exist, and because I am a human being. No one is irrelevant. And no one can take away my voice.”
When We All Vote is an "advocacy group, whose mission is to change the culture around the voting process."
A press release adds that it "seeks to increase participation in each election cycle by helping to close race and age gaps. To date, more than 100 million people have been educated about the voting process, resulting in increased voter registration."
Pink belts on the song: "Girls just wanna have rights.
"So why do we have to fight?
"Girls just wanna have rights.
"So why do we have to fight?"
The track is seemingly a response to the landmark Roe v Wade ruling that was reversed, making it illegal for millions of women across America to have an abortion.
The 42-year-old pop star encouraged her millions of followers to join Planned Parenthood's #BansOfOurBodies movement in light of the shocking overturning.
She wrote on Instagram: "Court has stolen our basic right to control our bodies and futures. But together, we are a force of nature. Join us at"
Last month, Cyndi Lauper shared a new version of her abortion rights song 'Sally's Pigeons'.
The 69-year-old singer first recorded the track - which tells the story of a teenager dying as a result of undergoing a backstreet abortion - back in 1993.
In a statement, she said: "The Supreme Court’s radical decision makes the re-recording and re-release of ‘Sally’s Pigeons’ more relevant than ever.
"In my childhood, women didn’t have reproductive freedom and 50 years later we find ourselves in a time warp where one’s freedom to control their own body has been stripped away."
The 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' hitmaker - who was spotted attending a Planned Parenthood Bans Off Our Bodies march in New York City back in May - added that "freedom for women" now comes at a price following the ruling.

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