Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Enjoys Family Time (and Lots of Whiskey!) on Colorado Vacation—See the Photos

Ree Drummond was joined by husband Ladd, daughter Paige and nephew Stuart during a trip to Colorado

<p>Ree Drummond Instagram (2)</p> Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond Instagram (2)

Ree Drummond's family trip to Vail

Ree Drummond and her family know how to have a good vacation.

The Pioneer Woman has shared several updates from the Drummond family trip to Vail, Colorado.

The crew goes to Vail often, even traveling to the ski town last Christmas with husband Ladd, daughters Alex, 26, and Paige, 24; sons Bryce, 21, and Todd, 19; and foster son Jamar, 20. (Vail is also home to one of her favorite chapels, according to her blog.)

This time, the mother of five was joined by just Paige, Ladd and nephew Stuart Smith. Even with half the usual amount of family members, the group kept busy.

While in Vail, the celebrity chef joked about the family’s boozy activities in some posts. In one video, she shared a collection of images of herself posing with Ladd and a few empty glasses.

<p>Ree Drummond Instagram (2)</p> Ree Drummond Shares Moments From Their Whiskey-Filled Outing

Ree Drummond Instagram (2)

Ree Drummond Shares Moments From Their Whiskey-Filled Outing

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“Note how Ladd’s expression never changes,” she wrote in the caption of the post from Thursday. “This is what happens when I’m taken to a whiskey bar on vacation.”

Paige commented on the Instagram post, “🤣🤣🤣 y’all are cut off” Bryce also commented a simple fire emoji.

The whiskey-fueled jokes didn’t stop there. “Walking off the whiskey. Just kidding. Actually I’m not kidding,” she posted on her Instagram Story, showing Paige, Smith and Ladd walking ahead of her.

The same day, Drummond posted another photo from her trip, this time twinning with Smith. The cookbook author, wearing a Steve Miller Band sweatshirt, leggings and sneakers, has her arm around her nephew, who is also wearing a crewneck sweatshirt and sneakers. Both are holding cups of coffee and smiling. “I’m not like a regular aunt, I’m a cool aunt,” she wrote in the caption, playing on a quote from Mean Girls.

Her nephew not only travels with the family but has also previously worked with them too.

Smith helped the Food Network star film her cooking show during the pandemic until May 2022. Smith "stepped in with my kids during the early days of the pandemic and helped shoot a couple of episodes on iPhones" in April 2020, Drummond wrote when announcing that Smith was leaving the show to travel for an internship last year, "Those 'couple of episodes' turned into like 80 or more. 😳 ."

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