'Please bring my car back': Grandfather's car along with photo album of late wife stolen

A grandfather-of-five has made an emotional plea for heartless thieves to return irreplaceable belongings stolen along with his car while he filled up with petrol.

Among the precious belongings were photographs of the 82-year-old's late wife.

Jim Martin now has only one photo left of his wife who died two years ago.

"All I can say is I was a bit foolish and whoever you are out there if you've got my car please, please," he told 7 News.

This is the only photo Jim Martin has of his late wife. Source: 7 News

"Please bring my car back, or the memorabilia."

Mr Martin kept all of his cherished pictures in an album and on Wednesday he packed it into his car to take with him as he visited a friend.

Along the way his car was stolen – a car Mr Martin said "also had on the driver's passenger side where she used to sit a plaque with her name on it".

Mr Martin (right) is pleading for the car of his memorabilia to be returned. Source: 7 News

At around 5pm the retired firefighter stopped in Wantirna South, to fill up with petrol, little knowing a thief lay in wait.

As Mr Martin walked inside to pay he mistakenly left his key in the ignition of the gold-coloured 2002 VX Commodore.

The car was stolen from service station at Wantirna South. Source: 7 News

Within seconds the thief struck and by the time Jim reached the counter his car was gone.

Constable Dinah Tremain of Victoria Police said the male suspect "seems to be tall probably late twenties tall thin build, olive skin".

Police described the suspect as tall probably late twenties tall thin build and olive skin. Source: 7 News

Mr Martin's son Clint Martin said the theft has "affected dad's health and dad's wellbeing and also his independence".

Following a 30-year career as a firefighter, the octogenarian also used the car to for his volunteer work with the Salvation Army.

Mr Martin hopes whoever has his belongings now will show some heart and give them back.