Police evacuate 90 children from 23 settlements in Kherson Oblast

Three families with five children were evacuated during the past day
Three families with five children were evacuated during the past day

A total of 90 children were evacuated from 23 frontline settlements in Kherson Oblast, the press service of the National Police in the region reported on Facebook on Oct. 27.

"In Kherson Oblast, the mandatory evacuation of children with their parents or legal representatives from 23 settlements that are heavily shelled by the Russian army continues," the statement reads.

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Ninety children have been evacuated from areas under heavy shelling so far, with efforts to remove more children from danger ongoing, said Vitaliy Sayfutdinov, head of the Juvenile Prevention Department of Kherson Oblast Police.

"Our staff talks to parents every day, convincing them of the need to evacuate from the dangerous areas as soon as possible," he stated.

“Children in these areas live in constant fear and have no access to educational and medical services.”

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According to the police, three families with five children were evacuated over the past day: two families from Novoberyslav and one from Vesele, Kakhovka district.

Police stressed the urgent need to evacuate children from Kherson Oblast due to the life-threatening conditions.

Earlier, the head of the Kherson Oblast State Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, said that families with children would be evacuated from settlements regularly shelled by Russian occupation forces.

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