Police respond to driver's 'creepy' late-night encounter in Melbourne

A man driving home in the early hours of the morning shared his "creepy" experience when coming across a person in the middle of the road in Melbourne.

Seeing the man at about 4.30am in Abbotsford, the driver slowed down not wanting to run him over, when suddenly the stranger pulled out a torch and shone the extremely bright light at him.

"Nearly ran into an absolute spook the other night coming home," Dani Borg wrote on TikTok. Car jacking attempt? Or wtf was going on here?"

Two photos of a stranger shining a flashlight at a driver.
A man was driving home in Melbourne when a stranger in the middle of the road shone a bright light at him. Source: TikTok

Despite the blinding light, the man managed to drive around him without stopping the car.

Capturing the "spooky" late night incident in a blurry video, he shared it on TikTok, asking if "anyone had anything similar happen to them".

He said he had "rang police straight away", and even circled back, at which point the stranger was already gone.

Victoria Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that they received a triple zero call last Thursday and responded to the incident.

"Police were told a man shined a torch at a vehicle on Langridge Street just before 4.30am," a spokeswoman said.

"Officers attended and conducted patrols of the area for the male however no one matching the description was located by police. No official reports have been made at this time."

Social media users react to video

More than 1.2 million people viewed the footage which is accompanied by horror-movie style audio. Many people highlighted how important it is to take safety measures while driving.

"Always drive with your doors locked and never stop!!" one person said.

"In Melbourne always keep your car locked especially at night," said another.

"Thank God you're okay!!!!" a third person said. A number of locals suggested the incident occurred in the suburb of Collingwood.

A few people also shared their own similar experiences. "This happened to me and my girlfriend on our way to drop her back home, one said. "Lucky I took my brothers 4WD truck which had spot lights on..flashed it on him and he literally ran straight on a tree at the side of the road. Wish we had filmed it."

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