Police under fire for 'shameful' arrest of Sydney 'icon' Danny Lim

A lawyer has slammed the police treatment of Sydney "icon" Danny Lim, who remains in hospital with serious injuries caused by his arrest on Tuesday.

Mr Lim is known for walking around the streets of Sydney with a trademark sign and holding his small dog. The sign he was wearing at the time of Tuesday's arrest said “SMILE CVNT! WHY CVNT?" on one side.

Footage of the "heavy-handed" arrest is making rounds online, which Sydney-based solicitor, Jahan Kalantar is calling "shameful and "inappropriate".

A photo of Danny Lim being pushed to the ground by two police officers. Another photo of Danny Lim with bleeding to his cheek.
Footage of well-known Sydneysider Danny Lim shows him being thrown to the ground in a police arrest at the QVB building. Source: Twitter

"Mr Lim was left bleeding and bruising on the ground in the QVB building because police were placing him under arrest for what appears to be for something that is completely over the top," he said on TikTok. "A 78-year-old thrown to the ground? really, is that an appropriate response?

According to police, on Tuesday before 11am, officers from the Sydney City Police Command were called by security to the QVB building on George Street, after Mr Lim had failed to leave the premises. Due to not complying with an order to leave, the two police officers are seen to slam the 78-year-old to the floor, with his head colliding into the concrete first and blood seen on his cheek and floor.

"I'd be happy to appear pro-bono for Mr Lim and assist him in any next steps he wishes to take," Mr Kalantar said on TikTok. "There should be answers for this".

QVB shop worker claims man posed no risks

Mr Lim's previous lawyer Chris Murphy said on Twitter the man was simply "waiting to talk to a friend at his phone shop" at QVB building before the brutal act occurred. Mr Murphy represented him in an aggressive 2019 arrest for the language on one of his signs, in which the charges were dropped.

The friend, Isaac Jafa, 25, said Mr Lim had become distressed when security approached him in the phone repair shop, and suggested for them to call the police, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. When police arrived, Mr Jafa reportedly told the officers that the 78-year-old was harmless, however they “blatantly told (him) to go away or face prosecution”.

Danny Lim in hospital with brain bleed

After sustaining an injury to his cheek, his arrest was discontinued and Mr Lim was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics and taken to St Vincent’s Hospital, where he remains.

However the injury proved to be much worse, according to several sources such as Greens NSW senator David Shoebridge who said the 78-year-old's skull was fractured in the violent arrest, leading to a "black eye, subdural haematoma and other serious conditions".

A photo of Danny Lim in hospital. Another photo of a mural of Danny Lim in Sydney.
Danny Lim remains in hospital where he awaits a response from a neurosurgeon about his brain bleed caused by police. Source: Twitter/Facebook

"A scan has revealed a brain bleed," Mr Shoebridge said of the "icon" on Facebook. "A neurosurgeon will be in to make decisions in the morning." "This is disturbing and wrong."

Police launch review of officers' actions

The NSW Police statement issued on Tuesday night said an independent review will be launched to "examine the actions of police during the incident". Inquiries are continuing.

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