What possessions would Poppy Delevingne save if her house was burning down?

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Poppy Delevingne would save her two wedding dresses if her house was burning down.
The 36-year-old model-and-blogger tied the knot with James Cook in 2014, and they were together for eight years before splitting in early 2022.
Poppy and businessman James enjoyed two wedding ceremonies with one taking place in London and the other in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Poppy simply adored the two gowns she got to wear for her nuptials and she would save them from a fire above any other possession she has, even though one dress is now on display in a museum in Norway.
Speaking on This Old Thing? podcast, she said: "I had one [dress] designed by the wondrous Karl Lagerfeld, for Chanel.
"For part two, I wore a Peter Dundas for Pucci wedding dress. That’s now in a museum in Norway - he’s stolen it back from me. I want it back because I want to do the washing up in it.
"[I’d save] those two things if my house is burning down — they hold so much sentimental value."
Poppy - who is the older sister of model-and-actress Cara Delevingne - is now enjoying a burgeoning romance with Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece.