Pres Trump met with cheers and boos in his first State of the Union

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Rick Newman, Dion Rabouin, Melody Hahm, Dan Roberts & Jared Blikre discuss the big stories we’re covering today.

  • President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address
  • Yellen’s final Fed meeting wraps
  • Judge convenes group to find solution to opioid crisis
  • FEMA ends Puerto Rico food and water aid
  • Mexican government open to automotive changes in NAFTA
  • France moves to end supermarket price wars
  • Samsung passes Intel as World’s Largest chipmaker
  • Fox Expected To Get Thursday Night Football: RPTS
  • Walmart Announces Thousands of Layoffs
  • Spotify tests Playlist App
  • Google changes search results
  • People sue Equifax using a chatbot and win $10,000