Preseason Coach of the Year Picks | You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and Senior Writer Frank Schwab debate their preseason picks to win Coach of the Year of the 2022 NFL season.

Video transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Coach of the Year, I took Staley because-- and I've already kind of laid it out previously on the podcast-- I feel like he's got the ability to erase some of the mistakes. He was not perfect last year by any means. I think there were-- especially the fourth down calls, I think there were times where he recognized he cost his team maybe games, maybe wins at times with some of the decisions he was making. And I think that he is, A, smart enough to fix that and, B, I don't see any indication that he's got the ego like, say, Kyle Shanahan, which can be great at times, but I also think at times Kyle's stubborn and pushes forward in spite of himself at times.

I think Staley, to me, he appears to be more of a, yeah, you know what? I'm not perfect. I screwed that up and let me fix this and I don't have any issue with that. So with that talent-- we've said this before-- I swear to God if the Chargers are not just a hell of a team this year.

FRANK SCHWAB: If they're 9 and 8 or something, Charles, I am--



FRANK SCHWAB: Oh my goodness. And, right, they do this to us so often. Yeah. Really quick--

CHARLES ROBINSON: It really is-- let's be clear here. Like, just from a talent standpoint alone, they are a knockout team. They are unbelievably talented.

FRANK SCHWAB: Well, top three roster. Maybe top one roster. Like, that's how good they are. Like, you look that roster, you're just like every single layer-- like their offensive line, which we talked-- I mean, a few years ago we're talking about their offensive line being really, ugh. Their offensive line's a strength. They got a top 10 offensive line. Now they've done a great job in the draft building that thing up, and free agency, too. I mean, you got three good receivers if you include Josh Palmer, who I think is very good. You've got a top five running back in Austin Ekeler. You've got, like I said, Joey Bosa, Defensive Player of the Year candidate, all this stuff. Derwin James, who I think is one of the most underrated, maybe he's not even underrated--

CHARLES ROBINSON: Jackson. They went and signed--

FRANK SCHWAB: Jackson's a great corner as long as he's healthy. This roster's absolutely loaded. I mean, and they better do it this year because, man-- again, if they, like last year when they're losing games late in the season to the Texans, don't let that happen. No. Just, come on Chargers. One of these years will you do it? Fine? Please?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Do you like him as Coach of the Year?



FRANK SCHWAB: Look-- no, no, no. I get it. Like, Coach of the Year is so dumb. Let me-- I've probably ranted about it here because I've ranted about it elsewhere.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It's a good rant because I agree. Yeah.

FRANK SCHWAB: Coach of the Year never goes to the best coach. Among our last five Coach of the Years Jason Garrett and Matt Nagy. You think those guys are elite coaches? No, nobody's saying that, but it always goes to the coach of the team who we were wrong about the most in a preseason projections. And voters-- obviously I voted in the past, you vote now-- we can't admit we were wrong. It was like, Matt Nagy must be Vince Lombardi. That has to be the reason the Bears won a division title. It couldn't be because we were wrong. We didn't see it in the roster.

It has to be because this guy is the modern day John Shula and, no, it's just it's a dumb way to do an award. Go and look-- my favorite list in the world is ACC Basketball Coach of the Year. Mike Krzyzewski did not win for his last 20 years as ACC Basketball Coach of the Year. Guys like Josh Pastner and Herb Sendek are winning. Like, no, Mike Krzyzewski is probably greatest coach of all time, but he can't win ACC Basketball Coach of the Year. That's why Coach of the Year is stupid. It's hard to handicap.

I just took Sean McDermott and it's because I do think the Bills could have that, like, 15 and 2 special season. I really do. Like it's on the table for them. And any guy who is the coach of a team who is the number one seed in the entire NFL-- best record in the NFL-- is at least going to get like-- OK, we haven't given him the award before. He had this great season. Maybe we need to consider him. He was like 30 to 1 when I beat him.

I just think he's going to be in the mix, but it's going to be somebody like Doug Pederson because the Jaguars make the playoffs or Dan Campbell. Everybody loves him for the award. Or it's going to be just somebody who we're not-- Ron Rivera because Washington has this crazy 10-win season or something like that. Somebody we don't even see coming and it's impossible to predict. Coach of the Year is just really, really tough to pick.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Real quick here, without going off the rails, I think that vote is similar to MVP. It's like, could you give it to the same guy or the same two-- you could basically group three or four coaches and probably give it to that group every single year.

FRANK SCHWAB: Belichick should have won it by like 10 times by now.