President Biden not being treated for Parkinson's, White House says, amid questions over doctor's visit

Joe Biden is not being treated for Parkinson's disease, the White House has said, after reports that a specialist doctor had visited the US president several times in the past year.

Concerns around the president's health have risen since Mr Biden's poor showing in his debate with Donald Trump - with Democrats describing the US president's performance as an "unmitigated disaster", "a meltdown", and "a slow-motion car crash".

Hours before White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Mr Biden was not being treated for Parkinson's on Monday, the 81-year-old president sent a letter to Democrats in Congress where he said he is "not blind" to concerns about his age.

However, he said he would not be dropping out of the presidential race and urged the party to "come together" to defeat Trump.

According to The New York Times, White House visitor logs show that Dr Kevin Cannard, a neurologist who specialises in movement disorders and recently published a paper on Parkinson's, visited the White House eight times from last summer through to the spring of this year.

NBC News, Sky News' US partner, confirmed that a Parkinson's expert from Walter Reed hospital visited the White House at least eight times in an eight-month period, according to public visitor logs.

One of those included a January meeting with Mr Biden's personal physician, Dr Kevin O'Connor. The nature of and reason for these meetings was unclear.

Ms Jean-Pierre declined to confirm Dr Cannard's visit, citing privacy reasons.

But she said the president had seen a neurologist three times connected to his annual physical exams.

Ms Jean-Pierre told reporters: "Has the president been treated for Parkinson's? - No.

"Is he being treated for Parkinson's? - No he's not.

"Is he taking medication for Parkinson's? - No.

"Those are the things that I can give you full blown answers on."

White House spokesman Andrew Bates added: "A wide variety of specialists from the Walter Reed system visit the White House complex to treat the thousands of military personnel who work on the grounds."

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