My Press-on Manicures Last So Much Longer Thanks to This $8 Amazon Hack

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I keep some with me at all times.



Press-on nails are having a renaissance. Many come with nail glue — which holds well…until it doesn’t. On the other end of the spectrum, it often holds perhaps too well; I’ve found myself in painful, nail-prying situations in instances where I want to change my manicure on a whim. In addition to experiencing major damage from nail glue, they’ve been exposed, bare and stubby, at the most inopportune times. Most recently, my (faux) thumb nail popped off mid-conversation at a happy hour, leaving me slightly embarrassed and looking less than put together. Post-event, I hunted for a solution, and discovered a brilliant $8 hack at Amazon

Mwellewm Nail Glue Stickers




The Mwellewm Nail Glue Stickers are a set of adhesive nail glue tabs designed to secure press-ons to your natural nails. The tabs have an ultra-strong, clear, jelly-like sticker on either side, which allows for adhering — or re-adhering — press-ons in seconds. Pre-shaped to fit each nail size, they come in sticker-like sheets of 20 or 50, and can be easily slipped into any purse or pocket to whip out in case of a mani-emergency.

To use, simply peel away the backing from the tab, apply to your natural nail, and remove the plastic film on the other side to reveal a ready-to-use, super-strong, sticky surface. Then, place any press-on nail firmly over top, hold for a few seconds, et voilà! You’re left with a press-on that looks and feels as good as new, sans risk of popping off (for at least the next few days).

Unlike nail glue, these tabs are as easy to remove as they are to apply; simply soak your fingers in warm water for two minutes and gently pry off the faux nail using a manicure stick. Residue is a non-issue, nor is nail damage.

While I typically use these tabs in dire situations, they also function as a mess-free, damage-free alternative to traditional nail glue. Plus, they allow for more frequently switching out a press-on manicure than nail glue does. With these tabs, I can give myself an edgy press-on manicure to match an outfit in mere minutes, remove them effortlessly post-event, and have a clean slate for the following morning.

Fellow press-on fans are equally impressed. One reviewer, who says they “never seem to get press-ons to last more than a week,” notes that the tabs “prolong the use and wear” of their faux nails. Another shopper, a casino dealer who uses their “hands, fingers, and nails a lot” says the tabs allows their manicure to “last up to 10 days” when applied with “a little bit of brush-on nail glue” for extra hold. Yet another shopper, who uses the tabs for “all of [their] press-on nails,” dubs them “user-friendly,” adding that their nails are healthier as a result of cutting back on nail glue.

For a quick fix to press-on nail fails — and a less-damaging alternative to traditional nail glue — shop the Mwellewm Nail Glue Stickers at Amazon. They’ve given me the assurance that my nails will always look freshly manicured, no matter where I happen to be.

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