Pretty Little Liars star Ian Harding becomes a dad

'Pretty Little Liars' star Ian Harding has become a father for the first time.
The 36-year-old actor and his wife Sophie Hart welcomed their offspring ahead of his birthday Friday (16.09.22).
Alongside a picture of Ian holding the newborn's teeny hand, he wrote: “Thank you for the Birthday wishes folks.
“I’m thankful for many things this past year, but most of all I’m grateful for the best early birthday present a fella could ask for.”
The sex and name of the tot have not been shared by the new dad.
Ian - who played Ezra Fitz in the Freeform mystery drama - leads a private life and waited two years before revealing to the world he and photographer Sophie had tied the knot.
The pair confirmed to People that they had a private ceremony in October 2019 in August last year.
The couple first started dating in 2011.
Meanwhile, Ian's co-star Ashley Benson previously admitted she needed a "mental break" when 'Pretty Little Liars' ended.
The 31-year-old actress played Hanna Marin in the drama series between 2010 and 2017 - but she ultimately needed to take a step back when the show finished.
Ashley said last year: "Coming off a show after so long and doing TV continuously throughout my whole life ... I needed to take a mental break."
The actress had filmed 160 episodes across seven seasons when the show ended and she felt exhausted.
And she was glad that she decided to take a break from the industry.
She added: "It was the best thing I ever did.
"I didn’t work for a year and studied directors I wanted to work with and looked at actresses who inspired me, who came from TV and made it into film. I started to compartmentalise my wants and needs."