New prime minister vows to turn Britain into an ‘aspiration nation’

In remarks outside 10 Downing Street, just hours after becoming the U.K.’s new prime minister, Liz Truss promised to turn Britain into an “aspiration nation.”

Video transcript

LIZ TRUSS: I'm honored to take on this responsibility at a vital time for our country. What makes the United Kingdom great is our fundamental belief in freedom, in enterprise, and in fair play. Our people have shown grit, courage, and determination time and time again. We now face severe global headwinds caused by Russia's appalling war in Ukraine and the aftermath of COVID.

Now, is the time to tackle the issues that are holding Britain back. We need to build roads, homes, and broadband faster. We need more investment and great jobs in every town and city across our country. We need to reduce the burden on families and help people get on in life.

I know that we have what it takes to tackle those challenges. Of course, it won't be easy but we can do it. We will transform Britain into an aspiration nation with high-paying jobs, safe streets, and where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve. I will take action. this day and action every day to make it happen.