Primetime Ballers - Miami vs. New Orleans

Yahoo Daily Fantasy analyst Tank Williams offers his picks for single-game DFS contests as New Orleans hosts Miami.

Video transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Moving on to Monday Night Football, we have the Dolphins traveling to the dome to visit the Saints prime time. And hey, I'm going with the Saints defense. There's no way this defense shuts down TB-12, Tommy boy, the GOAT on the road and comes back to the dome on prime time with the rookie quarterback and lays an egg, right? I mean, I hope y'all don't do that to me.

I mean, I'm from the crib. I'm like 45 minutes away. Now, if y'all make me look stank on national internet right now, we're going to have some problems. Now, on the flip side, I'm going with Jaylen Waddle, because I'm looking at it this way, he's about the only thing the Dolphins got.

Lattimore is likely going to be on the DeVonta Parker, because I think he matches up better with Parker, if you look at the way he always messes up with Mike Evans. Which means that Waddle, in the slot, should be able to eat like Chris Godwin, even though I do expect that Saints defense to play it them pretty tough. And so that means my stud has to be, a lot of times you pair up a running back with the defense. Ian Book, I expect him to be really conservative with him.

So what's that going to be? Check downs, Alvin Kamara. If they're going to hand the ball off, you know it's going to be Kamara. I'm not saying he's going to ball out and give you, like, six tubs like last Christmas, but he should be able to give you enough hopefully for the Saints to win and to make your fantasy rosters feel happy with glee and not with lumps of coal.