Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus

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Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus, becoming the first member of the British royal family to be struck down by the highly contagious COVID-19. According to a spokesperson from Clarence House, the Prince of Wales' official residence, Charles is displaying mild symptoms.

"The Prince of Wales has tested positive for coronavirus," said the spokesman. "He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual."

Following the confirmation that the future King has got coronavirus, his wife the Duchess of Cornwall has also been tested. Thankfully, Camilla does not have the virus.The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire, after both royals met the criteria required for testing.

Clarence House confirmed that, in accordance with government and medical advice, both Charles and Camilla are now self-isolating at home in Scotland. Here's hoping the Prince of Wales has a speedy recovery, and that the Duchess of Cornwall doesn't end up contracting the virus from her husband.

As it stands, no other members of the royal family have displayed symptoms for COVID-19, although the Queen has been moved from Buckingham Palace to her residence at Windsor Castle in a bid to keep her safe.

Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

Prior to his diagnosis, Prince Charles had been seen greeting people at official engagements with praying hands, as opposed to shaking hands like he would normally. The NHS advice in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic was to minimise contact with others, particularly where hands were concerned.

Despite this, it seems it wasn't enough to prevent him from catching the bug. Addressing exactly how the Prince of Wales contracting coronavirus, the Clarence House statement said:

"It is not possible to ascertain from whom the Prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks."

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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