Prince Harry Admits He's Never Tried This Classic Childhood Treat

Prince Harryhung out with a group of teens at a U.K. nature reserve on Monday and revealed a personal tidbit thatleft many baffled

“I’ve never toasted marshmallows over a campfire.They’re too sweet for me,” Harry told kids in Lancashire, according to People. “But I’ve made campfires and slept under the stars more than I’ve slept in a bed.”

Harry stood patiently by while the kids roasted ’mallows, his arms crossed.
This man has apparently never eaten s’mores.

We’re so horrified Harry has missed out on this childhood fave that we just have to make things right.

That's better.

Of course, we understand why a sweets-averse person might eschew this classic camping treat. Marshmallows used to be made from the root of a marshmallow plant, but nowadays they’re made from gelatin, which is arguably less appetizing and not the best look if you’re vegan or looking to get in on the health benefits of a vegan diet. And overall, ’mallows aren’t healthy: A standard serving contains about a third of the recommended daily allowance for added sugar, which becomes obvious when you watch how Peeps are made. Plus, who would want to take food cues from Ivanka Trump?

However, occasional indulgences are acceptable, and we’ve seen enough tantalizing marshmallow recipes to argue Harry should give them another try. His sister-in-law’s brother does run a speciality ’mallow company, after all.  Here are a few marshmallow treats Harry (and we!) should cook up soon.

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