Prince Jackson thinks of Michael Jackson 'every day'

Prince Jackson still thinks about his dad Michael "every day".
The pop icon died in June 2009, aged 50, and Prince admits that his dad is never far from his thoughts.
Prince explained: "I think about him every day.
"There are a lot of complexities in life that I feel parents teach their children [about], so without that, there's some confusion there. And also, it's a big legacy to uphold, you know? It would be great if I knew how he would like it to be upheld. So, in that way, I think about him every day."
Prince, 25, still loves listening to his dad's music.
And he thinks that Michael's personality shines through in his tunes.
Prince told PEOPLE: "So much of his personality, so much of him, is in his music. And what I miss probably the most about him, I was talking to somebody about it, are his hands. He had really strong, really big hands. Firm, but they were gentle. It's tough to explain."
The Jackson family are celebrating 40 years since the release of Michael's best-selling album, 'Thriller'.
And Prince still has fond memories of watching the iconic 'Thriller' video for the first time.
He said: "The first time that I watched it, my dad told me it was real, and then he started to transform. So that was very traumatic, but afterward - when I was able to watch it and not be scared - he would walk me through it, and I got to see the making of 'Thriller' from his perspective, you know? And that's just amazing."
Prince is now working towards catapulting 'Thriller' to the top of the charts.
He explained: "The single, never made it to number one. So our goal, we're trying to do the 'Thriller' challenge right now, which is between Oct. 28 and I believe Nov. 1st or 2nd."